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San Menaio: a charming hidden gem in the heart of Gargano

When one of our countrymen meets someone far from here, saying he comes from Gargano, the reaction is always the same: “wow, wonderful! I was there with family when I was a child, you’re lucky to live there…Vieste, Peschici, Tremiti Islands…”

These places represent some of the icons of our land, of course. But, what is “San Menaio”?

Starting from afar…but non too much: this seaside village, located between Peschici and Rodi Garganico, started to improve a strong tourist vocation since the 1st after-war, becoming a leader in the new tourist phenomenon when neighboring village where mainly dedicated to agricolture and sheep farming.


But the real tourist explosion came to life since 60’s when the first hotels and other services dedicated to travellers started to grow up, thanks to the enthusiasm for the new railway. So San Menaio was allowed to be well knewed as tourist destination all over Europe and, consequently, a growing number of tourists arrived eager for the sea.

Nowadays, San Menaio can boast several accomodation with hotel, residence, campings and private houses.

What really makes this place a corner of paradise is…to have been always itself, always.

In fact, despite the high number of tourists during the summer, San Menaio continues to keep the nostalgic charm of old times, the quiet and sense of wellness given by the slow days between a coffee, a good drink on the beach or a “paposcia” with friends. The serenity and warm of a place where almost everyone knows each other living the summer as a big family.

Today San Menaio is a perfect tourist place both for short stays, maybe during a bigger tour all over the Puglia, and for longer holidays with partner, family or friends.

Here you can find a wonderful seafront full of bathouses (both private and free), an amazing blue and clean sea under a green pine forest – The Pineta Marzini – and with no doubt some of the most spectacular sunsets you can find in the world, behind Tremiti Islands.

San Menaio is home and with his warmth will conquest your heart. In fact, many people are happy to come back here for summer holidays every year.

Here several tourist activities, from hotels to restaurants, are managed by the same family for many years and this guarantees a strong attachment to the land.

Here the warmth and genuinity of local people will make you feel at home.

Here you can disconnect from daily stressful life to experience a different feeling, that will regenerate you.

Here…we’re waiting for you.

Qui…ti aspettiamo.

Vieni a scoprire questo angolo di paradiso

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